Roller – 48″ Vibratory Double Drum Roller

Smooth Double Drum 48″ Class Roller.

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Cat CB24 47″ Double Drum Roller.

Simple Operation

The operating environment offers improved comfort and visibility. The narrow frame design and contoured engine hood provide good visibility to the drum edges and front of the machine. The intuitive control panel utilizes a backlit LCD display and sealed switches with bright LED lights for easy recognition in a variety of operating conditions.


Operating Weight 6003.0 lb
Maximum Weight at Front Drum 2857.0 lb
Maximum Weight at Rear Drum 3147.0 lb

Operating Specifications

Standard Compaction Width 47.0 in
Curb Clearance 20.0 in
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge 8.0 ft
Ground Clearance 11.0 in
Static Linear Load 63.0 lb/in
Travel Speed – Maximum 7.5 mph